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Trial & Buy Program

Trial and Buy

Our business model encourages with customers, mutual growth through increased usage of BBM Services. Our approach is to develop long ‘win-win’ relationships.

We believe customers should initially experience the value BBM services bring, prior to extending their usage over the medium to long-term. To this extend, following initial meeting/demonstration and by mutual agreement on the deliverables, we offer prospective customers the opportunity to participate in the BBM ‘Trial & Buy’ Program.

This Program allows prospective customers to develop with us a Trial BBM Service Event (E.g. Poll) in which we subsidize our costs to a minimum. The customer can then assess the value gained from the Service Event to their business and decide whether they wish to continue to use BBM Services.

If the program is of Interest, please send an email with contact details and how you would like to proceed.

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Our Business

Our Business

BusinessByMobile’s (‘BBM’) mission is to enable businesses enhance their business from intelligent interactive communication with customers, partners, suppliers & employees by leveraging the phenomenal advances in mobile devices, networks and technology.

Our core business is to provide leading hosted Application Solutions for customers to create and manage transactional, event based services using multimedia mobile handsets, and the Internet.

In summation, BBM solutions deliver customers dramatic cost efficiencies and exciting incremental revenue opportunities.

Thank you for visiting this site. We hope to have gained your interest, and developed the opportunity for you to explore becoming a client, use our products, or possibly become a member of our Mobile Panel and participate in BBM Service Events.

BusinessByMobile Solutions

BBM Solutions

BBM provide solutions not just products. These consist of advanced hosted application services, independence from specific Mobile networks/handsets and integration with appropriate third party technology and services.

We require customers take responsibility and provide all content in a Service Event, and have complete autonomy in its production and management, including any offer of Incentive for End User participation.

Our customers have control over the Panels they create and the opportunity to brand BBM products if so desired.

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